• Large-capacity Proving Vehicle

    for 500  to 10.000 l/min

  • Pipe Prover

    8 to 800 m³/h

  • Workshop Leuna

    Testing & Repairs

  • Service

    of tank farms and filling equipment

  • Universal Proving Vehicle

    for measuring systems with low-viscosity media


You can rely on the WARTUNGS- UND PRÜFUNGSDIENST GMBH to answer all your questions concerning testing mass flow rate and volume flow rate measuring technology.



Repairs to flow rate measuring devices – regardless of manufacturer or model



Specialized and innovative service provider for the process industry 


Wartungs- und Prüfungsdienst GmbH


Meaningful use of a measuring device assumes a high level of measurement precision. Only expert knowledge of the ranges for measurement deviation, the periodic adjustment of the measuring device, and preventive service measures guarantee the necessary precision of a device and avoid substantial additional costs and even operational disruptions.

This has been the mission of the WPD Wartungs- und Prüfungsdienst GmbH in Europe for more than 50 years.

The German weights and measures act (Eichgesetz) requires users of measuring devices to make the equipment necessary for testing available for official calibration. The WPD was founded on the initiative of the mineral oil industry as an independent service provider to ensure maintenance of the already installed measuring devices for fluids, including their testing for precision and calibration as well as adjustment, repair, and any replacements. We provide these services for all measuring devices of all manufacturers. In cooperation with the technical institute PTB (Physikalisch Technische Bundesanstalt) in Braunschweig and the calibration authorities, the WPD first took up its duties in 1959.

The WPD developed mobile proving vehicles with integrated testing equipment and mans each testing vehicle with trained and certified experts who perform the manual servicing of measuring devices in the field in cooperation with the calibration officials.

Mobile testing and calibration of integrated measuring devices for liquids: the mineral oil industry, mineral oil trading companies, ship and tanker loading facilities, aviation service stations, petrol stations and petrol truck operators have been and still are our customers today.

The big advantage of WPD’s system – testing devices on site where they function with a mobile proving vehicle – quickly proved itself to be a cost-efficient solution without much hassle for operators. Long operational delays and the complex dismantling of measuring devices were no longer necessary and this has continued to remain the case.

One of the largest mobile service providers in Europe, our company emerged from these beginnings.

Particularly during times when costs of fuel and energy are high and especially now, operators of liquid systems are dependent on the precision and reliability of their measuring devices.

In order to ensure this, the WPD has a variety of mobile and stationary testing equipment, along with service and repair shops to handle all measuring instruments regardless of manufacturer. These resources ensure the functioning of all measuring systems for the entire flow range of devices for measuring liquids.



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WPD Austria

WPD Wartungs- und Prüfungsdienst von
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