Already in October 1959 the newly founded Wartungs- und Prüfungsdienst GmbH began providing its services. Mobile testing and regulation of stationary and integrated volume meters for liquids came into being.

The mineral oil industry, mineral oil trading companies, ship and tanker vehicle loading stations, aviation service stations, petrol stations and road tanker operators have been and still remain our customers today. They all depend on a high level of measuring stability and the reliable functioning of their integrated meters.

The main advantage – using mobile proving vehicles to calibrate meters on site where they are installed and function – rapidly proved itself to be a cost-effective solution without much hassle for operators. Long disruptions to operations and complex dismantling of volume meters were no longer necessary. With a variety of universal proving vehicles, all devices measuring volume can be efficiently and reliably checked.

The largest mobile service provider of this kind in Europe has its origins here.

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Over the years, additional service areas were added, such as service and maintenance. The service division covers the maintenance and servicing of tank farms for flammable liquids hazardous to waters. System adjustments according to current norms and other legal regulations were planned and executed. The WPD assumed the acceptance and inspection of tank farms and their temporary or final shutdown or demolition (cleaning, disposal, scrapping, recycling), and assistance and consultation in facility inspections, laying down required actions and generating concepts in cooperation with the responsible inspection bodies and competent authorities.

In October 1997 we founded our site in Leuna, Germany. Here, we opened a repair and testing shop for all devices measuring liquids regardless of make for official or unofficial calibration. With our stationary test facility we are equipped to deal with flow ranges up to 1,200 m³/h and are in a position to guarantee short turn-around times for repairs.

Today, the WPD has over 60 employees who assist our customers each day across all of Europe.