Testing station "bi-directional pipe prover"

For calibrating oval wheel, vane, cylindrical piston, turbine flow and Coriolis mass flow meters.


  • Hydrocarbon
  • 2.8 mPa·s
  • DN80 - DN400
  • 3 m³/h to 300 m³/h
  • Measurement inaccuracy +/- 0.08 % of measured value


Connection of the WPD bi-directional pipe prover to a measuring system
The WPD bi-directional pipe prover is connected to the pipeline in which the liquid volumeter undergoing inspection is located. The volumeter with pulse emitter can be upstream or downstream from the WPD bi-directional pipe prover. With the right systems engineering it is possible to connect the meters of multiple product lines with the WPD bi-directional pipe prover, although only one meter can be tested at a time. The performance range of WPD’s bi-directional pipe prover is listed on the name plate and in the test certificate issued by the competent calibration authority.


Principle of a test run
At the beginning and end of the calibrated pipe bundle there is both a stop and start switch; these must be activated by the traveling pig. The tested volume is limited in a precise manner by these switches.

It is possible to divide the volume of the pipe bundle into two or more test sections with other switches. Each of the sections can then be selected by combining specific switches.

By gating the pulse counter, the start switch activates the start of the pulse count in an electronic meter (pipe prover calculator Spirit IT) and this counts the pulses emitted from the meter being tested. If the pig exits the calibrated length of pipe, then the stop switch is activated ending the electronic gating of the meter and stopping the counting.

The meter factor or meter error is calculated from the comparison of the known volume of the pipeline and the number of recorded pulses of the tested meter. The test time measured by the tested meter serves to determine the particular flow rate of that meter.