Maintenance, inspection, repair of tank farms and filling equipment

Over the years, the WPD Wartungs- und Prüfungsdienst GmbH has established itself in Germany as a competent and experienced partner for repair, service and maintenance of tank farms and filling equipment.

Specially trained technicians guarantee professional processing.

Numbered among our customers are the mineral oil industry, petrochemical industry, paint and varnish industry, food industry, many utility companies and municipal water management authorities.



Our range of services covers service, repair and maintenance for

  • Explosion-proof, endurance-burning and detonation-proof instruments, pressure-relief valves
  • Filter water separators
  • System pressure control valves, pump start-up valves, filter water separator valves, pantographs
  • Leak detection systems of double-floored tanks, double-walled pipelines and storage tanks
  • Overfill safety systems, fluid level measurements and fill limit indicators
  • Loading, unloading and blending systems
  • Cathodic corrosion protection systems and lightning protection devices on storage tanks and pipeline systems


  • Leak tests for surface and underground storage tanks and pipeline systems
  • Decommissioning, shutdown and demolition of tank farms
  • Tank cleaning and inspection
  • Preparation of required actions for performing expert inspections
  • Expert inspections of electrical installations and production facilities
  • Work on electrical, measurement and control devices